Iron Made'em

Iron Made'em

DAG: LØRDAG 3. AUGUST 2019 SPILLESTED: Telerock TID: 23.00

"You want'em,
They made'em, we play'em,
Iron Made'em's gonna get all of you!

Iron Made'em is Norway's prime Iron Maiden tribute band. They have toured around Norway and Scandinavia over the last 15 wasted years.
Iron Made'em made it to third place in Sweden Rock's Battle of the tribute bands in 2008, and was awarded the prices for best singer and best bass player in the process.

Iron Made'em, formerly known as Moonchild, first saw the light of day back in 2003. The band consists of members from Thunderbolt and Paganize. 
Some of the members have also toured with former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno.

Iron Made'em puts on a blistering show playing songs from Iron Maidens entire career with emphasis on the "golden era" between '82 and '88.

And... have you ever seen a Maiden show without Eddie?? We didn't think so............"

Band Members:
Tony Johannessen - Vocals
Tor Seltveit - Bass
Willi Bakås - Guitar 
Per Erik Holt - Guitar
Kjetil Krogvold - Drums