Little Steven's Blues School

Are you a young music interested person?  Do you sing or play and instrument?  Do you play in a band? Little Steven's Blues School will now participate in developing this initiative, and therefore the name is now changed to Little Steven's Blues School. The camp for youth between 13 and 18 years of age will be the same as before.

Who should attend?
The Band Camp is perfect for Band and Corps musicians who have some basic knowledge on their instrument. It is possible for individual soloists and complete bands to apply to the seminar. The target group for our seminar 1 is young people from 13 to 18 years of age and for seminar 2 for the age group 19 - 26. The 2016 seminar will be in the 28th. edition of this excellent educational opportunity. The number of participants at the seminar is generally limited to approximately 40 young musicians. 

The seminar takes place at the Heddal middle school, situated in a pleasant rural environment approx. 5 km. from the center of Notodden.  There are full accommodations at the school. Participants must have their own sleeping bag and we supply the rest. Three meals are served daily at the seminar facilities. The seminar facilities also offers opportunities for various recreational activities.


The Band Camp starts with a meeting and registration between 16.00 and 18.00 on Monday August 1st. and concludes on Saturday August 5th. at 14:00. 

Click here for application:  (link to application)


All instructors are skilled, professional musicians with extensive experience, both on the road and in the studio. All have teaching credentials and are experienced with the Band Camp.  
Although we are focused on interaction, you also have the opportunity to induvial lessons if desired. Other areas of study include songwriting, the music business in general and music education. 

Vocalists will receive guidance in voice and chorus techniques. Horn players receive education in arranging, interaction and improvisation. The seminar includes work on stage presence and live performance advice. 

Participants are divided into bands which play together all week. It is also possible to apply as a full band and develop talents together. 
Each band practices at least two songs during the course of the Band Camp. Beyond that you have the freedom to choose a repertoire within the musical genres which are Blues-related, e.g. Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop, etc.  The rehearsed songs are the basis for a concert that concludes the Band Camp on Saturday as part of the Notodden Blues Festival program!
Audio Recording
Audio recording has gone through an enormous change in recent years.  Today everyone can own a home recording studio. We will give an overview of the opportunities that exist and provide practical introductions as to how you can make your own good sounding recordings in your very own home. The final concert on Saturday will be recorded.

Concert Experience (Live Performance)

A positive concert experience is important for a musician’s inspiration. Each year one of the artists performing at the Notodden Blues Festival will visit play live at Band Camp. Here you get a chance for a close encounter with an established entertainer as well as a look into the touring sector of the Blues world. 
Additionally there is the opportunity to visit the festival to experience a festival environment and one of its major concerts. In recent years, participants have attended concerts by artists such as Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, ZZ Top, Van Morrison, Hugh Laurie & The Copper Bottom Band and The Amund Maarud Band at one of the festival’s main stages.
It is not unusual for a former Band Camp participant to visit the Band Camp and to lead a workshop; these are always a great inspiration for the students.

Festival Performance

At the conclusion of the Band Camp there will be a live concert on stage at the Book & Blues House as a part of the festival’s official program on Saturday. It's a great way to end to an eventful week. 

The price for the seminar is NOK 3.000, - per participant which includes: the course itself, accommodation and the seminar has its own chef for the catering which consisting of three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) per day (except Monday and Saturday). Seminar attendees need to bring their own instruments, amps and effects. International participants can request information for help for their equipment needs.

Your application should be submitted via this website. Click on the above link for an application form to enroll! 
If you have participated in the seminar earlier you do not need to submit any audio file.
It is possible to apply together as a band and in that case you must submit an audio recording of the current band.

Youth Seminar Application 
NBF's Band Camp is for young people who are between 13 and 19 years old. 
If you have not participated before, you must send an audio file that shows level of how you play or sing. 
You can send a link to clip on YouTube if you like. Also it can be as simple as a recording from your mobile telephone, just so we can hear you perform. Do you have questions about the seminar, please send an email to or call us on +47 99 37 38 89.

Marianne T. Knutsen
Seminar Leader / Instructor -Vocal / Choir

Marianne lives in Notodden.  She is a trained teacher. She has for many years made a living of performing music. She performs on the piano, tin whistle, flute, accordion and percussion as well as vocals. Marianne has also her own Joni Mitchell tribute project, and she plays in the Folk Rock band Terry Lehns plus a number of other musical groups.  Marianne has extensive experience as a choral conductor and arranger. She has spent many years working with music projects in schools, participated in recordings and cooperated with "Blues tough ladies ." Marianne was the leader for "Blues Town Voices " the first choral collaboration with NBF.  She has been an instructor since 2012 and she runs the seminar with great enthusiasm. 

Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen
Keyboard Instructor

Eirik is an easygoing guy. He comes from Kongsberg and has both studied and performed at the music conservatory in Kristiansand. He has mastered several instruments and is an accomplished drummer, but it is the keyboards and Hammond B3 which are his main instruments. Eirik works as a performing musician and you can find him behind the keyboards with artists such as Amund Maarud,  Odd Nordstoga, Marit Larsen, Bjørn Eidsvåg and Jarle Bernhoft.  Eirik has his own experience from several years as a participant in our Band Camp.

Knut Starheim
Horn Instructor

Knut is a trombonist having many years of experience with some of Norway's most famous artists. He has worked as a teacher and band leader for many years. The horn students will reap the harvest of Knut’s vast knowledge. Here there is an emphasis on the        interaction and camaraderie of the Horn section. You will be presented challenging tasks together and will work a lot with improvisation.  Knut has been a faithful and humorous instructor for several years.

Lage Thune Myrberget
Drum Instructor

Lage has played in so many theatrical and musical productions that he barely remembers everything.  He has extensive experience working with television and studio projects. Otherwise he works with advertising and other music projects in his own studio. His versatility makes him an intriguing instructor. He's always chock full of good ideas.

Frode Hammersland
Bass Instructor

Frode has been a performing musician for many years. He has worked as a bassist in most genres within rhythmic music and has played with artists such as Vidar Busk, Vidar Johnsen, Petter Wettre, Bendik Hofseth, Kjetil Grande and Johnny Augland.  Frode is a graduate of the music conservatory in Kristiansand. He has worked for several years at the School of Arts in Notodden, the Norwegian Folk High School and he has been the musical director for various musicals and revues.  He is employed at University College in Stord where he teaches bass, guitar, composing, arranging, ear training, studio work as well and more.

Bjørn Charles Dreyer
Guitar Instructor

Bjørn Charles is a warm and pleasant person who became a part of our team in 2014. He is an experienced and accomplished guitarist with education from the Conservatory in Agder.  He has worked as a freelance musician, composer and producer for over 20 years.  Bjørn Charles has participated in over 150 recordings and worked with, among others Mari Boine, Silje Nergaard, Madrugada, Iver Kleive, Rita Eriksen, Anneli Drecker and Kjetil Bjørnstad. He has developed his own musical projects, including Westaman.  We are very happy to have him with us.