Juke Joint Studio

Juke Joint Studio is a vintage studio with historical buzz. The studio has a lot of fine equipment from a good old vintage. The jewel in the Juke Joint Studio is the pulpit that previously stood in Stax Studio in Memphis.


The story from the time in Notodden includes recordings with blues legends such as Snooky Pryor, David "Honeyboy" Edwards, Mel Brown, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Louisiana Red, Lazy Lester and James "Super Chikan" Johnson and the American rock band Rival Sons. Norwegian artists such as Amund Maarud, Vidar Vang, Kåre Virud, Notodden Blues Band, Rita Engedalen, Spoonful of Blues, Kristin Berglund are just some of those who have recorded their records in Juke Joint Studio.

For booking studio time, contact the responsible technician Halvor Halvorsen on tel: 483 41 260 or email:


Equipment available per 1.3.20:

1 Audiotronics Son of Grand 36 mikser, 24 kanaler.

3 stk Telefunken V72 preamps

2 stk AMPEX 351 preamp

1 stk AMPEX 601 preamp

2 stk API 312C preamp

2 par Neumann KH 310 monitorer 

1 par Dynaudio monitorer (byttelån Neumann/Dynaudio)

1 stk KRK sub

1 Stk MCI JH24 24-spors båndmaskin

1 stk 3M 16 spors båndmaskin

1 stk mono båndmaskin (med Ampex-forsterker i bunn)

1 stk stereo master tapemaskin (sølvfarget)


1 stk Fairchild 660

1 stk UREI/Teletronix LA2a

1 stk UREI/Universal Audio 1176

1 stk UREI/Universal Audio LA3A

2 stk UREI/Universal Audio LA4A

1 stk UREI/Universal Audio 1178

1 stk Collins 26U-1

2 stk RCA BA6A

1 stk Pultec EQP-13A

1 stk Pultec MEQ-5

1 stk Symetrix SE400

1 stk Altec 436A

1 stk Gates Level Devil tube limiter

1 stk CBS Volumax

1 stk EMT 140 monoklang

1 stk EMT 240 stereoklang

1 stk AKG BX20

1 stk Echorec

1 stk Masterverb (i rack)


1 AKG D112 

1 Neumann U87

1 Neuman SM69

1 Neumann KM 84 småmemran

2 stk Røde NT5 småmembran
1 stk RCA BX 44

2 stk RCA 77 DX

1 stk RCA 44

1 stk Rislo ribbon

2 stk EV RE-20 


1 RCA 44BX

1 stk AKG C414

2 stk Shure SM 57 

4 Shure SM 58



1 Sonnet Thunderbolt Chassis

2 stk Avid 16x16 interface

1 stk ProTools HDX-kort

1 stk. Mackie Big Knob volumkontroll

1 Behringer P-16i inputmodul

1 Tascam analog MH 8 hodetelefondistributør

2 stk Beyer DT770 hodetelefoner 

3 stk AKG 271 hodetelefoner


4 stk GoPro Hero

1 stk Zoom Q2N

2 stk DI-bokser