Do you want to sell your products at the Notodden Blues Festival?  The Notodden Blues Festival is the largest Blues festival in Scandinavia. 

Each year, between 30 000 and 40 000 visitors stop by the festival during the four festival days in the first week of August. Our festival is a city festival, and booths are located along Notodden 's Main Street - Storgata, which is in the heart of the festival. 

We encourage artists, artisans and others who design their own products to apply. Are you interested in selling food  we are very focused on quality.
We give a priority to those using organic foods, local foods or can document high quality food products.

To apply for a concession stand at the Notodden Blues Festival 2016, please submit the following application link below:
Full name, address, phone number and e –mail.
Description of your products.
Price (If selling many items please indicate the type and price of some selected items).
References from other places you've exhibited.

Click here to apply for a concession stand