Join us as a volunteer!

Join us as a volunteer!

At Notodden Bluesfestival, we rely on our volunteers to succeed every year. As a volunteer, you are more than an audience. You get the see the festival from from the inside, be the face of the festival, and create an unforgettable festival for the audience, the artists and our collaberators.

As a volunteer, you work at least 16 hours, based on 2-3 shifts. You get a crewpass and access to all the concerts during the festival. You may experience having to stand in line to get in to some of the concerts and asked to come back later since the smaller venues often get filled faster. If you work less then 16 hours, you get a free ticket to one concert of your choice. You also get a crew-t-shirt, food at work and party for all volunteers on sunday, the last day of the festival!

When you volunteer, you don't just start new relationships, you make new friends for life!

Our volunteercamp is free for all our volunteers, but you HAVE to notify us if you want to stay there during your stay in Notodden. If you're sharing a tent with a guest who is not volunteering, you have to stay at the guestcamp. The volunteercamp is only for volunteers.

You have to be 16 or older to apply for volunteering. At some areas, you have to be at least 18 to work. We will notify you when you apply. We have no upper age limit for our volunteers, so if you know anyone who would find this work interesting, let them know about us!

Fill out the application and make sure your information is correct before you hit send. You will get a receipt in you e-mail inbox when you've applied.

Thank you for volunteering with us!

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