Tiger City Jukes

Tiger City Jukes


Tiger City Jukes returns to Notodden Blues Festival after several years of absence. The band's front man, Knut Eide, has nevertheless been seen every year at Notodden as one of the musical responsible during the Jailhouse Stage at Teledølen Barrikaden Blueskro.

Tiger City Jukes has been one of Norway's leading blues bands since its inception in 1995. They have seven critically acclaimed record releases behind them, and their music has evolved from stylish Chicago blues on the first albums to a more swampy rock-influenced music on the last record.

Tiger City Jukes has for many years developed its own distinctive musical expression, and is known as an energetic live band that constantly delivers the goods.

In addition to having visited almost every single town in Norway, they have also toured actively in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and toured in the USA and the Benelux countries. Their latest record release, "Live in the Artillery Workshop" is filmed and featured in a 45 minute film.

Tiger City Jukes are: Knut Eide - vocals, guitar and harmonica; Harald Stokke - guitar and choir; Helge Hovland - guitars, choirs; Atle Rakvåg - bass and choir; Espen Moen - drums.