Walter Trout

Walter Trout

DATE: THURSDAY 1. AUGUST 2019 VENUE: Hovigs Hangar TIME: 21:45


The Blues giant Walter Trout released his new album "Survivor Blues" January 25, and Thursday August 1, you can experience him on stage at Notodden Blues Festival. Walter Trout is one of the most popular blues artists in the universe, and one of Notodden Blues Festival's best friends. After a long term illness and a complicated liver transplant in 2014, he is now back again. The rumors has it that the popular guitarist and singer with a the past from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Canned Heat currently delivers stormy good concerts.

Walter Trout is the beating heart of the modern blues rock, respected by the older guard, admired by the young and loved by the fans who thank him with warm handshakes after every concert. After five decades of recordings and endless tournaments, Walter Trout has become a talismanic figure and part of the glue that binds the blues community together.

It was easy to see that last time he played at Notodden that the audience admires him and greets him with love. Trout received ovations after each solo and after every song. The endless applause after the last extras got you thinking that it couldn't be long before he had to return. Now he is here again and will meet his Norwegian audience in Hovigs Hangar already on the opening day of the festival 2019.

On the upcoming album "Survivor Blues", Walter Trout returns to his deep blues roots and interprets songs of his greatest inspirational sources. Trout has this time chosen to bring out a bunch of blues songs that he thinks deserve to be picked up in the light. Among the selected songs are "Me, My Guitar and the Blues" by Jimmy Dawkins, "Be Careful How You Vote" by Chicago pianist Sunnyland Slim and Otis Rush's classic "It Takes Time". Trout has also chosen to make his version of "Nature's Disappearing" by his former band leader in The Bluesbreakers, British blues legend John Mayall, as well as songs by blues artists like Mississippi Fred McDowell, J.B. Lenoir and Luther Johnson.

As for Walter Trout, "survival" is an understatement. When it comes to the songs on "Survival Blues", Walter helps to keep them alive by lifting them up in the light. Trout himself is experiencing a steady rise in his career.

The following statement by Trout should emphasize well how he feels that life smiles at him today: "My career is going great. My kids are doing great. My wife and I are madly in love. I've been the most healthy ever. So I haven't just survived. Right now, I'm in the best time of my life ... ”

It is just a pleasure to enjoy a triumphant return from one of today's greatest blues giants at Notodden Blues Festival 2019.