Ulf Lundell

Ulf Lundell

DATE: SATURDAY 3. AUGUST 2019 VENUE: Hovigs Hangar TIME: 18:00


Three and a half years after the Swedish rock star and poet Ulf Lundell stated that he had held his last concert, the man is ready for a new summer tour, a tour that also brings him to the Notodden Blues Festival to make his only concert in Norway this year. Lundell will perform at the festival Saturday 3 August.

Ulf Lundell has a long and productive career behind him. In 1975, his first album, Vargmåne, came and the next year came the novel Jack, who became his major breakthrough as author. For nearly 45 years, he has been a highly productive artist, with 29 studio albums, 12 compilations and 5 live albums, 16 novels and several poetry collections. Lundell works as a visual artist, and has even designed for Porsgrund's Porselænsfabrik.

Many may know Lundell best from his big hit "Ôppna Landskap", the song called Sweden's unofficial national anthem. But Ulf Lundell is so much more than this one song. In 2015, a CD box with a total of 68 albums was released, which contained everything Lundell had recorded during his career. Perhaps it will be heard with audience favorites such as "Kär och galen", "I dina slutna rum" or "Vitt regn" in Hovig's Hangar.

Ulf Lundell has a big and faithful fan base who follows him everywhere. Many have been able to see both 200 and 300 of his concerts. The concerts usually last for three hours, and Lundell has an energy on the stage that many a younger artist could wish for. As a Springsteen or Jagger, he gives it all night after night, apparently unaffected by the fact that he could raise a retirement pension with good conscience. There will be a fantastic and energetic concert at Notodden with Ulf Lundell on Saturday  August 3rd.

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