Notodden Blueseum

Notodden Blueseum

The Notodden Blueseum is the only real Blues Museum in Europe. The exhibit’s main narrator is Morgan Freeman. Besides being one of the world’s most famous actors, he is the co-owner of Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi – his hometown – also known as “The Cradle of the Blues”. Clarksdale is Notodden’s sister city in the United States.

A multi-media experience, we give you amazing storytelling by international, national and local artists and music business professionals. You will also enjoy real live music atmosphere in our replica of a blues venue showing a cavalcade of highlights from the Notodden International Blues Festival.

The visitors learn how the blues spread itself from the origin at the cotton fields of the Mississippi delta more than hundred years ago, to end up as being the music with greatest impact on modern music in the world today.

Follow the blues on its fantastic journey from the USA to Europe to Norway and to Notodden. Learn how Notodden came to be the Blues Center in Norway and Europe after the heavy industries shut down in the 1980s, leaving the community.

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