Europas Blues Senter

Europas Blues Center

The Notodden Blues Festival, The County of Notodden and Notodden Utvikling AS established the European Blues Center Foundation in 1998.  The Center documents, preserves and makes available to the public information and historical material related to the blues in the U.S.A., Mississippi, Norway, as well as, the whole of Europe.  The Center intends to establish itself as the primary source to consult when looking for documentation and information concerning the blues in Europe.

Among the goals for the European Blues Center are:

• Provide, develop and maintain educational facilities for young students, teachers and music journalists
•  The fostering of interest in the blues in Europe through multiple activities on national and international levels
• Documentation of the background and roots of the blues
• Present blues related exhibitions of the highest quality
• The activities of the center is suited to persons of all ages